This was a super special wedding between two amazing people. I’ve known Adrienne for quite a few years now and adored her since the moment I met her. It actually wasn’t long after I met her that she moved from Orlando to pursue her career in higher education in Ohio. And that is where this dedicated career woman met the man of her dreams, Dan. And I can’t help but think of that age old saying “I love a man in uniform” because…really..don’t we all and that is who Adrienne fell in love with.  So Adrienne & 1stSgt, USMC Daniel Headrick were married on a beautiful Orlando day at the Lake Mary Events Center. The wedding was held in Orlando since that is where Adrienne is from but this was truly a wedding that so many traveled to…including the bride and groom since they are now living in California and all of Daniel’s groomsmen are Marines stationed all over  (life in the military!)

Their cake was beautiful and made by It’s Tasty Too and for this donut lovin girl I couldn’t help but think that the grooms donut tower was the best thing ever! The reception was catered by Cuisiners Catering and all of the beautiful flowers provided by Marguerite’s Florist while DJ Lou (Louis Lubin) spun some mad tunes the entire night. I felt so truly honored and privileged that Adrienne & Dan chose me to capture their special day.

Dallas Wedding Photographer
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0464
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0465
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0466
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0467
Dallas Wedding Photographer
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0468
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0469
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0470
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0471
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0472
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0473
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0474
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0475
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0476
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0477
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0478
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0479
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0480
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0481
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0482
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0483
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0484
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0485
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0486
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0487
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0488
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0489
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0490
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0491
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0492
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0493
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0494
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0495
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0496
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0497
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0498
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0499
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0500
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0501
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0502
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0503
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0504
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0505
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0506
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0507
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0508
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0509
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0510
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0511
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0512
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0513
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0514
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0515
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0516
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0517
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0518
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0519
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0520
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0521
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0522
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0523
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0524
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0525
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0526
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0527
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0528
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0529
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0530
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0531
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0532
Adrienne & Dan | Wedding_0533

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As I catch up on my blog posts I realize how far behind I really am. This is another family that I have since done another photo shoot for and cannot wait to blog that one as well but for now I am catching up from my fall photo shoots in Orlando. It was so fantastic to meet this family and I have to admit I was extremely excited when I pulled up to their adorable picture perfect home and knew we had to make sure we captured that in their photos. We started off at their home and then headed to a park area near their home so that the images were very personal to them. I think this is a great way to choose a location for your family photo shoot-a location that will take you right back to a special time in your life and bring back all those memories. I had a blast hanging out with the Hartman family and you seriously need to check out this little guys eye lashes-heartbreaker on the move (and he is already gathering flowers for the ladies!) Meet the Hartmans…

Texas Family Photographer
Family Lifestyle Photography_0429
Family Lifestyle Photography_0430
Family Lifestyle Photography_0431
Family Lifestyle Photography_0432
Family Lifestyle Photography_0433
Family Lifestyle Photography_0434
Family Lifestyle Photography_0435
Family Lifestyle Photography_0436
Family Lifestyle Photography_0437
Family Lifestyle Photography_0438
Family Lifestyle Photography_0439
Family Lifestyle Photography_0440
Family Lifestyle Photography_0441
Family Lifestyle Photography_0442
Family Lifestyle Photography_0443
Family Lifestyle Photography_0444
Family Lifestyle Photography_0445
Family Lifestyle Photography_0446
Family Lifestyle Photography_0447
Family Lifestyle Photography_0448
Family Lifestyle Photography_0449
Family Lifestyle Photography_0450
Family Lifestyle Photography_0451
Family Lifestyle Photography_0452
Family Lifestyle Photography_0453
Family Lifestyle Photography_0454
Family Lifestyle Photography_0455
Family Lifestyle Photography_0456
Family Lifestyle Photography_0457

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  • July 17, 2014 - 8:50 pm

    Katherine Hartman - You are the best Cheri! You have such a gift. We will look at these photos until we are old and gray and remember this time. Thanks for the memories!!

I know…these don’t look like your typical stuffy business headshots and well, that is because they aren’t. I believe it is important, regardless of the business that you are in, that your personality is conveyed in your business headshots and any other visual images you choose to utilize on your website or through social media. So when Stephanie asked me to take some headshots for her for a book she was writing along with her website that is all related to healthy eating, fitness and losing weight we knew we had to do something different. After a little discussion we came up with the perfect plan…an orange grove! Now I do have to confess that in the midst of trying to catch up on my blog posts I have since done another photo shoot with Stephanie and her business partner Jackie (that post coming soon!) They have chosen to embark on this journey together and I invite you to check out their website Mindful Weightloss Method and see what they are doing. Stephanie and I had so much fun at the orange grove for this shoot and I admit it is one of my favorite portrait shoots ever especially since Stephanie humored me and attempted to juggle a few oranges! Come hang out with us and see what some really fun business headshots look like and let’s change this whole idea of what business headshot photography should look like…

Texas Business Headshots
Stephanie Headshot_0396
Stephanie Headshot_0397
Stephanie Headshot_0398
Stephanie Headshot_0399
Stephanie Headshot_0400
Stephanie Headshot_0401
Stephanie Headshot_0402
Stephanie Headshot_0403
Stephanie Headshot_0404
Stephanie Headshot_0405
Stephanie Headshot_0406
Stephanie Headshot_0407
Stephanie Headshot_0408
Stephanie Headshot_0409
Stephanie Headshot_0410
Stephanie Headshot_0411
Stephanie Headshot_0412
Stephanie Headshot_0413
Stephanie Headshot_0414
Stephanie Headshot_0415
Stephanie Headshot_0416
Stephanie Headshot_0417
Stephanie Headshot_0418
Stephanie Headshot_0419
Stephanie Headshot_0420
Stephanie Headshot_0421
Stephanie Headshot_0422
Stephanie Headshot_0423
Stephanie Headshot_0424

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Ok this is almost getting embarrassing how far behind I am on my blogging but as promised…I am determined to catch up. It really makes me feel behind when I am blogging the Core family and have already done another photo shoot for Emery’s 1st birthday. But alas I will keep on blogging. For this photo shoot with this awesome family we started at their beautiful home and then headed to downtown Winter Park (where this family spends a lot of their time) and hung out a little on Park Avenue. There is no way I could think of enough sweet adjectives to describe this family-they have a special way of making you feel right at home and like you’ve known them forever. So get to know them a little better and come hang out with the Cores…

Texas Family Photographer
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0373
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0374
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0375
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0376
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0377
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0378
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0379
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0380
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0381
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0382
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0383
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0384
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0385
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0386
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0387
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0388
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0389
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0390
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0391
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0392
Core Family | Frisco Family Photographer_0393

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Her Mommy is a physicians assistant and her Daddy is a student in the MBA Exec program at Wharton (commuting from Orlando…such dedication!) Those are some pretty impressive genes if you ask me and I think I sense a little business vs. medical rivalry going on already so…I think she should be a dancer! But regardless of what she ends up doing she has two of the most loving, kind parents you could ever want and there is no doubt she will have a sense of humor with her Dad around! I’ve known this family since Dru & Sonia got engaged and have photographed these special milestones in their lives so you always feel an even deeper connection especially once a new little one arrives. Aislyn’s sweet pink outfit has special family meaning which makes the images that much more precious. Aislyn was so much fun and I loved how when she laid down her arms went straight over her head…like “I’m here world…come see me!” So…here she is world…

Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0352
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0361
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0360
Frisco Newborn Photographer
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0343
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0344
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0345
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0346
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0347
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0348
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0349
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0350
Frisco Newborn Photographer
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0353
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0354
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0355
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0356
Frisco Newborn Photographer
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0357
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0358
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0364
Frisco Newborn Photographer

Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0366
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0367
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0362
Frisco Newborn Photographer
Aislyn Dallas Newborn Photographer_0368
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  • July 10, 2014 - 11:14 pm

    Karen Brown Regier - Absolutely precious!!! Looking forward to many more of these beautiful pictures!!!! <3